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Country Wedding @ Alsace Polo Club, Brisbane | Wildhart Studios

Alright, so you’ve got hipster forest and beach vibes, old-stylin’ country and rustic, or big-city glam, and never-the-twether shall meet, right? Bah-bow. Don’t ever let limitations stress you out, ‘cause like these funksters, Freya and Jay, musta decided at some point: A little flash and glam with your big-day country party may just be what y’all need!

Feelin’ something like a world away, Alsace Polo Cub is just isolated enough to feel like a special trip away. Offering some truly sprawling, sun-drenched vista’s for photo-time, and with the flexible nature of the grounds lending to nothing short of festival vibes. Just add a Kombi-Keg and a burrito-van, light the fires, and sit back and watch the magic!

Stone-throw and time-machine back a stop though, and we’re colonial-cottage bride-preppin’. The girls are gearing-up for a big one and are in super-fine spirits! Y’know, while I think of it: There’s something – a big thing actually, about people just having a good time on wedding day. It’s when peeps try and micro-manage in search of some kinda mythical conformity that the inevitable stresses stuff up the vibes; but yeah, when things just flow naturally, moments like Dad just happening to emerge from his room, wherein’ nothing but a towel, just the right time for an impromptu first-look, and bam: fist-bumps and big smiles and off we go, whisked up in the tradition as we mark the flow of big-day time…

But as is the way, we must now fly to find Jay and his boys getting all tied-up at pre-ceremony. There’s always a few nerves by this stage but all-in-all, everyone’s ready to get the show on the road!

There was some tears, some vows, some kissing and much laughter. The sun during the ceremony was like, bam and definitely heated things up a tad; but we all made it threw with minimal melting of face and to be honest, once you’re in these things, you’re kinda just in, y’know… kinda like that wedding dress!

Photo-sesh, cake, dances and party… This was one was defintely for the books, rock-on legends!

Muchos burritos, Amigos!



Location: Versdale, Queensland
Venue: Alsace Polo Club
Celebrant: Nathalie Ford
Florist: Blooming Faith
Dress: Luv Bridal
HMUA: Blush’d
Live Music: Danny Dyson Music
Caterer: Fryer & Brimstone & Kombi Keg Brisbane

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