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Hervey Bay Wedding on Private Property

When the lovely Nikki first contacted me in regard to shooting her Hervey Bay wedding, I recall her saying something like: “You’ll love Dan – he’s got like a hipster beard and cool tattoos.” Well, yeah – she was right, he was super-cruisy for someone about the get hitched!

Their day came, and the property was gorgeous –  paperbark trees, horses and other such rural charms.  The perfect backdrop for the perfect couple!

Nikki’s good friend and spiritual coach read some Buddhist verse that was always going to lift one’s perspective. No one really noticed that Nikki had written a book for her vows and that Dan (perhaps already embodying a perfect marital symbiosis) hadn’t… haha

So the ceremony at this gorgeous Hervey Bay Wedding went off without a hitch (pun intended), then it was off to the field in my front yard for a little environmental action; Snake Mountain, I called it – and for good reason; but yeah, when you’re in the photo zone, one just has to throw caution to the wind!  Then onto the Beach House for the formalities and party action.

After dinner, the guys decided they’d like to do a photo walk down the bustling main drag. We got to play at the circus for a time [the paranoid ticket-lady wasn’t the push-over I initially took her for, but yeah, we got in haha].  It did remind me how much I really do hate clowns, but that’s another tale, perhaps.  We dropped into the cafe where these guys had their first date, Cafe Tapas, and we even got ice cream!

Later, the guests fired up and had a fairly spirited time on the dance floor, and I hear tell the dress is now officially pretty trashed, as these guys saw fit to hit the local club for a few…

Viva l’amore xx

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