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Beach Wedding at Kingfisher Bay Resort | Fraser Island, QLD

There’s something so cool about having a destination wedding in Australia, and the world-heritage listed location of Fraser Island is such an amazing place for it! After just a little road-trip from Brissy and then hop the ferry from Hervey Bay — and bam: Island vibes and Sunset Beach cocktails await!

Our stars of the day were the lovely Kate and Jacob. A super-cool pair who had traveled down from Blackwater [some kinda mining town outback of somewhere up north] for the occasion — with a whole bunch of their kin and crew in tow, and as is always the way when folks set out to make a weekend of things, everyone was just so super lovely, and a more laid-back and chillin’ bunch of people, you’d be blessed to ever meet…

As for the photos, they kinda speak for themselves: of love and laughter, and of a celebration to remember!

Doubly blessed: the following day we were to back it all up with one of our After-glow Session’s ; so hangover’s be damned as we hit the off-road in search of the most gorgeous crystal blue lake we’re ever likely to see: Boorangoora The truly magical, Lake McKenzie.

Just wow, Fraser Island…




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